Alcohol tester breathalyzer MercuryKit

Key Features

- The Mercury Alco-Sensor with printer follows a programmed test procedure. Each function is indicated on the screen, which provides the operator with step-by-step instructions to perform the test without any failure
- The Mercury Alco-Sensor automatically takes the air sample from the deep expiration, show the time and volume of breath, emitting a sound and visual signal on the screen for positive and negative tests
- Show the test results with resolution 0.1mg/100ml on its screen and stores them in its memory with the data entered as: name of the subject, position, identification, operator, position, area and many more
- The software allows downloading this information to a PC or printer of the same equipment
- The unit is not affected to radio frequency interference.
- The unit performs zero (000) automatic before each test
- With the ability to store passive (on request) and active tests which can be printed
- BLUETOOTH printing, eliminates unnecessary cables
- LCD screen 2.4 "TFT color touch screen (65,000 colors) you can use any hand for data entry.
- Test record storage is more than 16,000 entries depending on the length of the records being stored. Capability of uploading test records for record keeping
- A hard plastic case is included for storing the device and accessories for easy transport



The electrochemical sensor generates an electronic automatic response that is proportional to the concentration of alcohol in the sample of the exhaled air. Audio & visual signals at the time of the test The electrochemical sensor is sensitive to alcohol ethanol. It does not respond to acetone or other substances that can be found in the environment
Working Temperature
-10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature
-25°C to 70°C
14.5cm x 6.6cm x 3.3cm
277g (including battery)
ABS plastic, with internal protection against radio frequencies.
AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries for heavy duty. More than 3000 tests per battery. Low battery indicator and auto off
Data storage
Store and print:
- Air blank test 000
- 16.000 tests
- Serial number
- Test number
- Last calibration date with standard value and unit of measure
- Test result with date and time, name, identification, subject, and much more information.
- Manual, automatic and passive
- Volume of breath / Lts
- Time blow / Sec.
- Temperature ° C
- Allows data download to PC (USB cable included and software)
Digital display TOUCH SCREEN multicolored 4-digit alphanumeric illuminated that allows data entry with any hand
Response Time
The instrument responds within 5 seconds for negative samples and within 10 to 30 seconds for positive samples
Sampling System
The analytical system allows the automatic sampling of the deep exhaled air
Air Blank
The Mercury Breathalyzer perform an air test before each test, so you can have evidence that the sensor is clean before a new measurement, this is printed with the test
The instrument use Data security level and password to the system for the safety
Sample error detection
The software controls the system, verifies the battery condition, temperature of the instrument, the breath is sufficient for the taking of the deep expiration sample, before to take effectively the sample and indicate the result.
All our instruments have the CRC in the circuit of our USB port so data is secure in the hardware, no wrong data will be transmitted to PC, also our instruments has a security system for data based in software, this is used for prevent change or delete sensitive information, this information can´t to be erase by user, The software of download information has a secure programming that avoid erase information or change these
Units of Measure
The units of measure are adjustable according to the customer or it is adjustable to the regulations that apply to each country: BrAC, mg / L, BAC, grm%, mg / ml, mg / 100ml and others
Detection Range
Alco-Sensor ALCOVISOR detects alcohol levels in expired air accurately from 0 to 0.450% BAC, conversion (0 to 450mg / 100ml expressed in ethanol mg / 100ml of blood with conversion factor of 2100: 1)
The Alco-Sensor Mercury is approved by the United States Department of Transportation for evidential use. Meets the federal specifications (USA) for traffic controls and resolution 0181 of 2015, for alcohol control by expired air with an accuracy of 5% in concentrations of 0 - 100mg / 100mL, 100.1- 150mg / 100mL 8% and greater than 150 mg / 100mL - 10%
The equipment has a GPS system (Global Positioning System) allows to know the place of the test
The Mercury Alco-Sensor can be connected to a PC and print information to a current printer or to the one supplied with the equipment Thermal BLUETOOTH printer, with rechargeable battery and its charger.
Active mouthpiece
The mouthpieces are Disposable, unidirectional and individually packed these can be ejected from the instrument without the need for the operator to touch them, eliminating all possibility of contagion of diseases and / or alterations

Passive mouthpiece
Allows the operator to perform mass sampling without use active mouthpieces without contact with the subject


File Type Upload Date
Manual Download PDF 16 Nov 2016
Brochure Download PDF 16 Nov 2016


A Sampling Cup is provided for screening test.

Sampling cup





Wireless Print

Bluetooth Thermal printer WPT-2B
Bluetooth Thermal Printer
Model: WPT-2B
Dot Matrix Printer WDMP2
Dot Matrix Printer
Model: WDMP2