Factory in Shenzhen

About Alcovisor

We were authorized agent of Panasonic and Motorola pagers since 1989. In 1996, we established a factory in Shenzhen, and started to develop and produce our own pagers. "Harking", brand name of our pager series, was well-known for its high quality financial pager in China.

In 2002, we instated our interests in the field of police and social security products, our objective has been to develop outstanding alcohol breath analyzers for the international markets. “Alcovisor”, a series of alcohol breath analyzers designed and manufactured by us, was announced to the market in the following year.

SMT room

Alcovisor has many features designed for dependable and accurate field testing. Alcovisor has two major types of products, the professional models are useful to law enforcement agencies, medical and education facilities, transportation agencies and DOT (Department of Transport) workplace; while the personal models are useful for responsible drivers to check their own alcohol contents.

Over the years, Alcovisor is now the most advanced alcohol breath analyzer in the world. Alcovisor is widely used by the law enforcement agencies all over the world. With our outstanding technology, we can surely develop tailor-made alcohol breath analyzers for you

SMT room
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